The Division of Diversity & Inclusion


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Whitman College is responsible for championing issues of inclusion for the entire campus community in ways that promote a sense of belonging for all faculty, staff, and students. We believe that inclusion is a shared responsibility of all members within our community and that justice for all acts as the Northstar in these efforts. 


  1. To have a campus community where inclusion and belonging drive decision-making at all levels of the college, where those decisions are supported by culturally responsive policies and practices. 
  2. To recruit, retain, and support a campus community that is committed to promoting belonging. 
  3. To cultivate partnerships regionally and nationally that support the shifting demographics of the campus community and adds to the continued diversification of Whitman. 


Our commitment to belonging and inclusion lays a foundation for the community we are actively fostering. As a team, we value: 

  • Equitable representation and inclusion
  • Differences in experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives
  • Reflection and skill development
  • Innovation, advocacy, and justice  


To accomplish the departmental mission of inclusivity, we approach our work from an intersectional, data-informed, and collaborative way. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively to innovate while remaining people-centered. Programmatically we are invested in how the curricular and co-curricular experiences promote belonging, inclusion, and justice. From a practical perspective, we utilize the cultural competency continuum to support a training process that is approachable and accessible.  


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